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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cebu: Hail, to the Queen City of the South Part 2

And there I was still roaming Cebu. All I have in mind was that the trip is worthy of my time; my money and the risk I took to travel this city alone.

You can read the first part of my travel in Cebu here.

I saw two crowns of the Queen already and as I moved along with my tour; 3 more crowns were revealed.

The Crown of Faith ~ When the Spaniards came to the Philippines they spread Christianity like a wild fire.Lapu-lapu's defense on invasion did not stop the spread of Catholicism in Cebu. It is visible in the relics left behind and preserved by the Cebuanos. One of these relics is the oldest image in the Philippines as passed-on to Filipinos by the Spaniards way back 1500. It is known as the image of Sto. Niño de Cebu. The relic survived the Parish fire in 1565 miraculously; and, is currently housed in Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in Cebu City.

Our family is a devotee of Sto. Niño. I intentionally did not take picture of Sto. Niño. I fell on a long line to see HIM. I offered that very moment to give thanks and praise not to take HIS picture. The very reason why my mom allowed me to go to Cebu alone knowing I will be seeing the Sto. Niño personally.

Just outside the church; I saw the Magellan's cross housed in a chapel. The very cross planted by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 is encased in the huge wooden cross at the middle of the chapel.

Is Cebu all about Catholicism? Nope! But, majority of the Cebuanos are Catholics. However, as I passed-by different churches; I saw that other religions are present there. I even went inside the Taoist Temple.

I heard a great story about this temple. The huge dragon was not just simply placed there. It was chosen because of a dream from a Chinese merchant who said that a dragon with 5- fingers visited him and told him about the place where his statue should be built for prosperity. Later on, the Taoist people built their temple there as it will be a great place for worship. They believed that the 5-finger dragon is the Highest spiritual form for worshiping. Well, that's the story behind it. Authentic or not; I just relied on my intuition that the place is calming and divine.

The Crown for Great Culture and Craftsmanship ~ Did I buy things there? Of course! their Cebu's crafts are one of the best in Asia. Sad to say that their best craft, the guitars are not exported as the manual work entails long days to commit in exporting huge volumes of guitars. I saw how tedious a guitar is made and how beautiful the outcome product is :) I visited that famous Alegre Guitars and even got the chance to play there :)

As we were driving around Cebu town proper; I saw a good structure and stop-by to take a picture. I didn't know that it was Cebu Cultural Center. Bruce, the driver told me that it is not possible to enter the establishment; but, when the guard saw my persistence; he let us in :)

There was a cultural dance exhibit going on that time as well as crafts and food exhibits. I got really lucky! :) But, taking pictures of the product is prohibited; buying them is not :) So, my money was gone in a snap of a finger! Haiizzz... hihhihiihi. I even went inside the Dance Hall and mimic the dancers from all over the Philippines.

The Crown of Vast Tourism ~ The last crown of The Queen City of the South was evident on the latter part of my travel. The vastness of tourism is overwhelming; from the places I visited to the places I still have to visit.

Cebu got almost everything. From beaches to sports to culture to heritage to falls to food and to a lot more; Cebu can offer its guests with them.

I got a better view of Cebu when I went to TOP hill. I love greens and best scenes and great structures; I found them there in one place; the TOP hill. It was just 30 minutes ride from Cebu Town Proper. A minimum charge of PHP100 is collected as entrance fee. Stores and restaurants are made available. The cool breeze in a hot summer day was sufficient to relieve me from exhaustion of the tours. I felt like I can almost touch the sky!

My trip wouldn't be complete if i couldn't see a beach. With the many great beaches Cebu can offer; I opted to relax and wander in Mactan Island because it is where I stayed. So close; yet, so beautiful. Sad to say that the battery of my cam got drained; so, I used iphone to take the pics. Most of the pictures got blurry; but, i managed to save some good shots. :)

I went to Bluewater in Maribago; a high-end resort in Mactan. The place is huge and offers great beach front; great amenities including 4 big pools and private area. The floating gazebos are added attraction where you can drink and listen to soft music as you marvel on the clean water rested on fine white sand.

I laid asleep so peacefully. I had to fly back home early in the morning. Certainly, this was the BEST TRAVEL I EVER HAD so far :) I will come back in Cebu to catch its infamous beaches. Very soon, I will be back...

Places to visit back in Cebu:

Badian Island

Bantayan Island

Camotes Island

Malapascua Island

Moalboal Beach

Nalusuan Island

Sumilon Island

'til next travel of the itchy-foot of the G; here in gfootsteps.

Thanks for dropping-by! :) Muah! Muah!

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