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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Residencia de Riego; Where the Lights Glow at Night

I read about frustrating news about people getting scammed on travel deals. These led me to have a second thought of grabbing one of the leisure trip deals offered in Groupons. But the price looked tempting.. hmmm.. I said, okay, what the heck! If I'll get cheated at least it's cheap :)

We grabbed the deal of 2 days-1 night accommodation in Residencia de Riego in Alitatag, Batangas. It took us almost 2 hours to reach the place. Finding the resort was a little bit tricky as the place was not strategically located near the main road. In short, we got lost. :) Thanks to few people who helped us finding the right way and showing us the directions.

ALAS! There it is! Residencia de Riego is a huge resort. We initially roamed the place to check the amenities.It has big parking space for customers; thank God :)

Move inward the parking space and you will see their camping site. Yes, you can camp here! I was dismayed that we didn't have this option in the deal we got.

Just at the entrance you will see a mini-store where you can buy goods that you forgot to bring for the outing.

As you enter the place, cottages serve as waiting area; opposite them was the bar and restaurant. They serve good food. And they offer variety of food choices too. I got attracted with their restaurant because of its' design. It somehow gave us an ambiance of a high-end resto and it separates the resto from the pool as if they are of different place.

Native designs are the main theme of Residencia de Riego. Just across the bar are the pools.

The rooms and cottages somehow did not meet my standard as they were not so big and well-maintained. They do have a videoke that they offer an hour use for free and a billiard tables too.