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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Camaya Coast ~ the possibilities entail..

Hey There!

I missed you, and I know you do me :)

What else to say; but, motherhood eats a chunk of my whole self and left my hand full of duties and responsibilities that only a mother like me would understand.

So, this motherhood requires the mom to do some her hobbies still, as my son love swimming and as a loving, doting mom, as I am, I readily booked us in Bataan.

WARNING: mostly my honest review of the place

At that time, I never thought we would end up in a very long land travel as I thought we could just ride a ferry from MOA going to Camaya Coast. Guess what? they just started operating the sea transfers at the same day we went to Camaya Coast.. So, for 5 long hours my husband drove all the way to the end of Bataan from Laguna. And, no, we don't plan of doing the same the next time.

Let's cut the travel short and proceed to the entrance. A marvelous signage of Camaya Coast greeted us as if saying' "Hey, this is private and high class!" :) To envade it's privacy note, we jumped out of the car, and took some poses. Typical wanderer we are!

The long road never stops at the gate, we had to go and got lost to find the hotel :).. there's still an on-going constructions to the site, even on the hotel we stayed at. They had 2 hotels in Camaya Coast, one is The Camaya Sands and the other is the Aqua Fun. We were booked in Aqua Fun Hotel as my son loves the slides and all water activities; so we opted to be near by where the Fun is.

The reception is very small; otherwise I may say, not yet full done? Perhaps? But the receptionist was nice. We were even allowed to enter the room even it was not yet our check-in time.

The room we got  is cozy, and the architecture is impressive; however, the execution of the architectures plan may have been too cheap for this kind of hotel/resort. There was no bidet in the restroom; plus, the material used for the restroom was cheap and rusted already for a new hotel. They should invest more on materials that would last longer than the one they put in.

The Aqua Fun is FUN, I should say. My son loved it and this is their BEST selling point.
They have Giant Slides, ropes, Big Tumbler Coconut Splash and a quite straight-forward pool. No kiddie pool though, as they may think the little ones will stay on slides.

To go to the Beach side, we had to ride the shuttle (FOC) for a 5-10 min drive from Aqua Fun. The downside was that we have to wait twice for more that 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive and bring us to our destination; with kinda crap reasons on why..

Another downside was the food, it is pricey for a still developing resort.They did provide us to get a cash card that enetitled us foe 10% discount on food and beverages. Unfortunately, the connection was poor at thee time we went there so on the first day, we were unable to use the cash card hahhahahaha..

The Beach was quite nice but the water was deep. I love their Beach :)

I also liked the Infinity Pool; it was clean and not crowded. However, the pool in Camaya Sands Hotel was not that well-maintained and not clean.

I am hopeful that  this place will be better; by then, we would come back and see the big difference.

The management need interventions on materials that are being used on their on-going constructions; otherwise, people will always rank Camaya Coast as just three star resort (3*)

I am hoping for the Best to come for Camaya Coast, as their location is way better than other resorts in Bataan.

Till then, see you on our next adventure

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