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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Baker's Hill

As we departed from Mitra's Ranch; our tour guide told us that we will be having our snack really soon. I thought, why not just have the snack in Mitra's Ranch on a picnic style.. Good thing; it wasn't that way or I will miss the adventure of being young again.

A very short ride took us to Baker's Hill. The tour guide said it is the home of famous baked goodies and it started as a very small bakery that has been transformed into a Theme Park.

Baker's Hill Palawan showcased goodies that are awesomely delicious and a Disneyland inspired-park to play around. This place is really good for the kids and and those who would wish to be kids once more; just like the Besties :p

I think the most harassed fiber glass sculpture is this man...
 Dunno about the belly; but it sure does get all the attentions..

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Mitra's Ranch

Besties' City Tour continued..

After seeing the silent fangs in the Crocodile Farm; our tour guide headed us to relax at Rancho Sta. Monica or better known as the Mitra's Ranch. The ranch was owned by the late house speaker; Ramon Mitra and currently by his son; Baham Mitra.

It is surprising that a privately-owned ranch is open to the public for free from 6am-6pm.

For a private land; Mitra's Ranch has one of the most envious view deck I had seen. It offers grand views of Palawan Island. It entices anyone who would wish to seek peace and solitude. I loved the greens that surround it. I love staying in this place for a little longer than what our tour guides had given us :p (It went back to the tour guide again..hahhahahaha).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Crocodile Farm, keeping endangered species alive

It was almost noon when we arrived at Ysabelle Mansion in Puerto Princesa town proper. The tour was expected to start the following day and since we still have lots of time to start it earlier; I talked to the staff of Ysabelle Mansion if we can have the City Tour on that very day.

The staff made the necessary calls to the tour provider and made it happen. "Kudos" to that staff at Ysabelle Mansion :)
Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (aka Crocodile Farm)