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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Crocodile Farm, keeping endangered species alive

It was almost noon when we arrived at Ysabelle Mansion in Puerto Princesa town proper. The tour was expected to start the following day and since we still have lots of time to start it earlier; I talked to the staff of Ysabelle Mansion if we can have the City Tour on that very day.

The staff made the necessary calls to the tour provider and made it happen. "Kudos" to that staff at Ysabelle Mansion :)
Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (aka Crocodile Farm)

First stop: The Crocodile Farm

It was a long travel.. or i was just having a migraine and my patience may have been too short at that time. The road going to the Crocodile Farm was under construction and we had to  walk about 2 km to finally see the lazy fangs.

Our tour guide bought us our tickets and we headed towards an entrance that showcase the biggest caught crocodile in the Philippines. It was caught in the 90s and his remains were preserved in this conservation center. Had i been writing this blog after the trip; i could have shared the name of this huge crocodile. It is quite a disappointment when other bloggers while browsing the net; just like me; just named him as the biggest caught crocodile.. hahhahaa

After a short presentation of the in-house guide; we were asked to enter the crocodile cages.. We had seen stages of how the crocodile are cultivated. Cultivated? hmmm... better than cultured hahahha..
 I may say; I am not really fond of reptiles; but, knowing that a preservation center actively gives shelter to the crocodiles gave me peace. Well, that's our duty as care-taker of nature.

We headed towards the nature park.. we saw some endangered animals there; but most of them hid away from us.. hmmm.. 'dunno why, oh why :D

What i loved about the Crocodile Farm also known as Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre are the huge trees I had seen inside a confined center like this. I am really into greens and wildlife may come third among the things i love seeing while traveling.

It was already way past 4pm when we were asked to move along to visit other places. I had the feeling that our tour guides then were rushing us for something.. hmmm.. okay, I will just blame the feelings to my migraine :)

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