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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puerto Princesa: Mitra's Ranch

Besties' City Tour continued..

After seeing the silent fangs in the Crocodile Farm; our tour guide headed us to relax at Rancho Sta. Monica or better known as the Mitra's Ranch. The ranch was owned by the late house speaker; Ramon Mitra and currently by his son; Baham Mitra.

It is surprising that a privately-owned ranch is open to the public for free from 6am-6pm.

For a private land; Mitra's Ranch has one of the most envious view deck I had seen. It offers grand views of Palawan Island. It entices anyone who would wish to seek peace and solitude. I loved the greens that surround it. I love staying in this place for a little longer than what our tour guides had given us :p (It went back to the tour guide again..hahhahahaha).

We were not alone when we stepped in Mitra's Ranch; however, the place immense tranquility that people knew that silence is expected. We just awed at the scene. Now that I am at my senses; I realized that those people who took some jump shots without being noisy; exerted real effort to do so.. hahhahahaa..

Nope we didn't do some jump shots; instead; we did what was befitting the place; a yoga shot ;)

Just recently, Mitra's Ranch offers the Palawan Rancho Zipline. Our tour guide said; PHP500 will let us enjoy not just one but three Zips. I looked at the Zipline; but couldn't see the rope; though the height is frightening. The first zip is 300 meters; while the next two zips are 150 meters each. Hmmm.. not bad for a PHP500-cost Zip ride. I asked the Besties if they were willing enough to try it. Nobody even bothered to reply.. Okay, so we chickened out! :p hahhahahahaha.

 It could have been just 30-minute relaxation in the Mitra's Ranch; when our tour guide said we still have some few places to visit and we need to head out of the place before the darkness creep in.

But, before I let go of the place; I asked the tour guide to step foot at the brakes as I have to take some shots of the Ranch; after all it is Mitra's RANCH!

 I wonder where the roosters are hidden.. hahhahahaha.. The Mitra's house is off-limits of course. Although I wished it wasn't hahahhaha.. I just need to get a glimpse of the winning roosters of the Mitras. :p

I bid goodbye at the place without seeing the roosters. But I had the chickens as companions anyways! hahahhahaha

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