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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bohol: Tracing a not-so-distant past

I gathered the bits and pieces of a not-so-distant past trips I had in Bohol. Men, that wasn't easy! These I believe are the common denominator of all travel bloggers; backlogs! Backlogs of stories meant to be shared at a point in time; preferably just right after the trip; but kept in memories until some were half-forgotten.

'twas an agonizing memory check on my part. But, my Bohol experience keeps hunting me up to this day.

My first trip in Bohol was a year ago; and one of the most treasured trip I had. My mom was with me! With her heart condition at that time; travelling far wasn't a good idea; but, she was overwhelming with enthusiasm that she would be able to to enjoy the trip as much as we would. And,she did. :)

My mom and I; both excited with our Bohol Trip

Friday, July 20, 2012

From "single" to "in a relationship"

Ever since I started using FB; from the time of account creation until just 3 hours ago, my FB status had always been "single". Then all of a sudden a twist of event took place and I changed it to "in a relationship". So many people hit the "like" button and some made few congratulatory comments. In fact it's currently trending now. Wow! I don't know whether I'll be happy about it or I'll feel sad as it seems the change hit them more likely as a shock than just a mere information.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sabah, Malaysia: The concluding Trip

The last road to travel..
The last chance of redeeming what happened the day before..
Were our prayers heard?

The last destination is for the young and the young at heart. We traveled going to Penampang-Papar for almost 45 minutes from our hotel. As usual, our tour guide/driver accompanied us on the trip. We were so lucky to see the sun shining brightly.Maybe,our prayers reached up above after all :)

Uphill Penampang-Papar lies Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. It offers both zoological and botanical parks. We were charged RM10 as our tour guide got our tickets. Usually, RM20 is the cost of the ticket for non-Malaysians like us; but, we just got lucky to get it in half a price.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sabah Malaysia:The 3rd day

Learning is inevitable whilst one travel. And, in Sabah I learned to expect the unexpected and to find the rainbow after the rain.

We got up with only 2-hour sleep. With a drowsy head; we intended to grab some more sleep while moving.
Our itineraries were planned by our driver/tour guide. He too was the one who picked us up at the airport; so, we were at ease with his company already. He's a nice guy :)

The sun was shining brightly and there was no sign of rain falling down as I looked at the sky.

He led us first to see the Mount Kinabalu Park where the tallest mountain in South-East Asia lies. As we traversed a winding road; the cloud grew darker. That wasn't a good sign as we intended to trek the mountain. True enough; the gatekeepers almost didn't want us to get inside. They said that the mountain is not good for visitors at the moment. But; we saw the natives moving up and got the courage they had, we insisted. As we moved up; the chill got into our bones. Our get-ups were never appropriate. Wearing thin clothing became our worst enemy. We only got the courage but not the armors to conquer the Kinabalu Summit. The climb became harder as we get near the next gate. Slippery rocks due to water flowing down made us almost stop and go back. We lessened our target heights as the keepers thought that was a bad idea to continue after all.  We heeded.. defeated; and just took some shots to remember the place.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sabah, Malaysia Part 2

It was way past 7 when we decided to grab a dinner in the Filipino Market. It's a huge market that offers variety of Filipino dishes. Different seafood to choose from as you walk from one stall to another. A plate of rice is good for 2 to 3 people. When you eat in the Filipino market; expect to use your hands as there's a ready basin to wash them; just like a typical Filipino way of eating food. However, since we were already dressed for clubbing; we decided to ask for spoon and fork (maarte lang??). We ordered too much food that I felt my belly was about to burst right after forcing myself to eat almost all of them. Over-all, the Filipino market offers cheap quality and good tasting food; but the "pasalubong" cost higher than buying them in Boracay or Palawan.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sabah, Malaysia: Setting my foot on the Land Beneath The Wind

I was there with a passport; when I should have not even bother to have one to see Sabah. Well, that's life. If we really never fight for what is rightfully ours; then, we lose the fight even before it started. I'm trying hard to put my words just as common as it should be; as I know by fact, my travel to the Eastern Part of Malaysia is the reason why you're reading this blog; and not because of the Philippines claim to Sabah. But, true enough you'll feel the Philippines presence once you step your foot in it. Why?

  1. Majority of the so-called Malaysian natives there speaks Filipino.
  2. Buying goods using Philipine peso is much appreciated; so, they can just send it straight to their families in the Philippines. Haha! But when asked if they're Filipinos; they would readily say "I'm Malaysian". They preferred to be Malaysian, I got the point.
  3. The crafts cannot be denied as made by Filipinos.
  4. The market place is like going to any "Talipapa"in the Philippines.
  5. I felt I never left the Philippines at all!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Wave of the 80's Mix

This is the first mix I've ever had that I've loved listening to over and over again. If you like it; give all credits to my favorite DJ, DJ eL Reynolds.

Playlist includes:

DJ eL Reynolds

Well, I came across DJ eL Reynolds' mixes while I was browsing the net for some good mix of the 80s. He is one of the well-loved and applauded DJs in mixcrate.

Here's DJ eL Reynold's Bio taken from mixcrate:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bantayan and Moalboal Tour Invitation

Okay; I must admit, I am having a Cebu addiction.

The first time I went there; i knew that i would be coming for more of what Cebu can offer. I don't know; but, each time an airfare promo is announced; i always look if going to Cebu is included. Thus, I booked again to CEBU once more :)

I grabbed another promo from airphil express going back to Cebu with below details: