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Friday, July 20, 2012

From "single" to "in a relationship"

Ever since I started using FB; from the time of account creation until just 3 hours ago, my FB status had always been "single". Then all of a sudden a twist of event took place and I changed it to "in a relationship". So many people hit the "like" button and some made few congratulatory comments. In fact it's currently trending now. Wow! I don't know whether I'll be happy about it or I'll feel sad as it seems the change hit them more likely as a shock than just a mere information.

Usually, the change in status grabbed everyone's attention when it leads to "single" from being "in a relationship";but, mine was an exact opposite. 

Hmm, okay so you need to know how it happened.

For about a week or so; I've been hearing good friends changing their statuses from being "into a relationship" to single. It seems that everyone is joining the same boat as mine! I've got to tell them some inspiring words to lift their spirits up. Although, at the end of the day; it seems it wasn't helping them at all.

I scouted for some nice quotes that would befit their current situation to ease up their loads; until, one inspirational quote caught my attention: "Dare to be different!". For a few minutes; my mind was filled with naughtiness. Okay, since you guys are all jumping in my boat; I've got to maintain the balance or my boat will sink!

Out of nothing, I changed my status on exact opposite as theirs! It was intended only for them; just a simple prank from someone like me.. HAHAHA! I thought people wouldn't mind at all! Yet, the status reached its viral-ity. Nyay! OMG! The status is trending!

It reached my friends in HK and even USA! Oh gosh! Big trouble!

Oh well, I have intentions of letting you know that truth; but I couldn't do it one by one; thus, this blog :)

One word! It's not April fools day; but, " I GOT YOU!" 

Love you all guys,thanks for showing your inevitable support in everything I do. At least I know now that I have all your blessings once I decided to switch to "being in a relationship" for real.

In the meantime, "I STILL GOT YOU!" :p

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