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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sabah, Malaysia Part 2

It was way past 7 when we decided to grab a dinner in the Filipino Market. It's a huge market that offers variety of Filipino dishes. Different seafood to choose from as you walk from one stall to another. A plate of rice is good for 2 to 3 people. When you eat in the Filipino market; expect to use your hands as there's a ready basin to wash them; just like a typical Filipino way of eating food. However, since we were already dressed for clubbing; we decided to ask for spoon and fork (maarte lang??). We ordered too much food that I felt my belly was about to burst right after forcing myself to eat almost all of them. Over-all, the Filipino market offers cheap quality and good tasting food; but the "pasalubong" cost higher than buying them in Boracay or Palawan.

Since we're done with the "feeding-the tummy" part; we headed to Port view to grab some drinks. Our minds were set to club-hopping that night and our goal was to get drunk and see how the nightlife is in Sabah. Our first stop was a bar(that I forgot the name of) with a view of the seaport. It was like having a drink in a yacht :) But we didn't stay that long or our purpose will be defeated.

We hopped from one bar to another; gauging the popularity of the place based on the loudness of the music and number of people inside. At the end; we decided to stay in  "The Bed". It's a place where good music is heard. There were bands performing; and I could tell, they're Filipinos. We saw a lot of party-goers; drinking 'til they drop; dancing like crazy and table-hopping like PROs. Hmm.. we just stayed and watched them. Sometimes, the best thing that kind o' place can offer wasn't the booze or the dance; but, the people.. different kinds of people mixed like fruit salad; and we were one of the ingredients. I smiled on the thought. Crazy thoughts come into anyone's head once in a while; especially, if you had 3 glasses of frozen margaritas plus a pitcher of Vodka with Gatorade?! 

Did we get drunk? Nope! Funny, but somehow after a few hours; we seemed to crave for a more relaxing place. Where else to get that; but in our rooms where we can just sip our own mix of cocktail with a music coming from iphone; wearing our pajamas (okay, pajamas are too exaggerated; most likely shirt and shorts).

We talked about life and love. That was the best part of the day ever! We got to know one another; a little better than before. :) The chit-chat lasted until the clock struck 2am. 

We got to have a few hours of sleep before our next tour; so, we call it a night and doze off. 

Yep, there's part 3. Missed the first part of this trip? You can read it here.. 'til my next post on this trip :)

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