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Travel Mixes

There are only few things that would make my life complete and they always come in combos.
  1.  Family and friends
  2. Coffee and smoke and it's bad.. really bad; but, this is me and just me
  3. Travel and music
  4. Work and Payday
When it comes to traveling; music is an essential part in setting my mood. Ah-uh! Not just music; but, great mixes from great DJs. I was lucky enough to stumble upon great mixes by well-known DJs in the music industry. Yeah, sometimes, all you need is the sound of the waves and the chirping of the birds; yet, who could ever resist a beat like a heartbeat? Hell yeah! These DJs don't only ROCK my world; but, they know how to keep my heart from beating :)

Hear Them, follow them. I'm pretty sure; you'll get the idea.

DJ eL Reynolds - my fave
DJ Fish - here's a sample mix of the Professor of Mixeology:

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