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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BESTIES Review: Ysabelle Mansion in Puerto Princesa

Palawan, one of the prides of the Philippine Islands. Surely, the BESTIES would never miss experiencing Palawan's treasures and beauty. The BESTIES is a group formed by six lovely ladies (AHEM!) who had been friends for more than a decade; bonded with their passion to keep the friendship alive. That's us, and that's what we will always be :)

We planned this tour for 6 months and had everything ready 3 months before the actual trip. I, as the "pasimuno" (initiator) of the trip read a lot of reviews of places where we can stay in Puerto Princesa; and among them was Ysabelle Mansion. We simply would like a good place that is budget-friendly and this inn ranked 5 among the 74 inns currently reviewed in tripadvisor. As a contributor in hotel reviews; I decided to make my unbiased personal review of my stay in Ysabelle Mansion; taking some notable notes from the rest of the members of the BESTIES.

Details of the trip:
Date of stay: August 11-13, 2012 (3d2n accommodation)
Purpose of stay: Leisure Trip

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bohol: When saying "I DO" is paradise IN PARADISE

"I DO".. two words, one commitment..

A parchment unfolded in my hands. It was not an ordinary parchment. It was designed signifying a great occasion. A wedding indeed! I don't know; but, weddings always give me a leap of joy; and; with two lovely people close to my heart bonded with this holy matrimony, it brought me more than happiness but hope. 

I scrolled down the invites and there it was! Location: Peacock Garden in Bohol. Attire: Grecian! Grecian? hmm.. this brought me into panic mode. I sure do hell love to dress up like goddess; but, 'lo can I just wear my pair of jeans and still look like Greek Goddess? LOL!

Alright, I decided to just look sexy and did not mind scouting for a grecian dress.

I booked my flights and accommodation with Sunny dear as my companion. We decided to stay in Alona Tropical; a beach front accommodation in Alona. It was far from the Peacock Garden; but we had coasters to pick us up during the wedding.

Alona Beach offers a fine white sand and crystal blue water that keeps you closer to nature. I already knew what to expect in Bohol as this was my second visit. My first visit was with my mom.

Aerial shot of Bohol Island