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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bohol: When saying "I DO" is paradise IN PARADISE

"I DO".. two words, one commitment..

A parchment unfolded in my hands. It was not an ordinary parchment. It was designed signifying a great occasion. A wedding indeed! I don't know; but, weddings always give me a leap of joy; and; with two lovely people close to my heart bonded with this holy matrimony, it brought me more than happiness but hope. 

I scrolled down the invites and there it was! Location: Peacock Garden in Bohol. Attire: Grecian! Grecian? hmm.. this brought me into panic mode. I sure do hell love to dress up like goddess; but, 'lo can I just wear my pair of jeans and still look like Greek Goddess? LOL!

Alright, I decided to just look sexy and did not mind scouting for a grecian dress.

I booked my flights and accommodation with Sunny dear as my companion. We decided to stay in Alona Tropical; a beach front accommodation in Alona. It was far from the Peacock Garden; but we had coasters to pick us up during the wedding.

Alona Beach offers a fine white sand and crystal blue water that keeps you closer to nature. I already knew what to expect in Bohol as this was my second visit. My first visit was with my mom.

Aerial shot of Bohol Island

Upon arriving in our hotel; I marveled on how it offers serenity to its guests. The huge trees with hanging branches cover the entire land with greens. At the center lies twin pools with Jacuzzi. The rooms are native in design. This place is good for honeymooners. We headed towards the beach front and there we sat in Alona Tropical's restaurant and grabbed some bites. Lots of foreigners all over the place. As I looked at the nearby  restos; I saw fifty percent Boracay in it. Not much crowded; but, it has everything you look for in a nightlife. Still, you can enjoy peacefully reminiscing at day time.

A view of Alona Tropical

A view of Alona Tropical

Beach front view in Alona Tropical Hotel

Sunny and I grabbing a bite or bigger bite?

Beach front view in Alona Tropical Hotel

Alona Beach in Bohol

Alona Beach in Bohol

Alona Beach in Bohol

Beach front view in Alona Tropical Hotel

Alona Beach in Bohol

Alona Beach in Bohol

Beach front view in Alona Tropical Hotel

We didn't  waste much of our time and started using the Jacuzzi. It cost us PHP 150 for an hour of Jacuzzi use. Not bad ei? The Jacuzzi can fit in 6 people; surrounded by the pool, you will feel a relaxing atmosphere like indulging in an oasis of serenity. We asked for a bottle of champagne to celebrate life as we soaked ourselves in warm water splashing our bodies. I recalled saying to Sunny; "This is life! and I want lots of it! :)"

After that, we took a plunge in the sea. The current was a little heavy and since we were not really good swimmers; we just enjoyed a few minute-swim. The sun set earlier than expected. This signaled the fun at the beach. Little by little, the lights were switched on.Okay, it's time to party! We walked with our swimwear and nobody cared! Haha :) We hopped from one bar to another and met the other wedding guests. The restos offer variety of food. I enjoyed the fresh seafood not only 'cause they're fresh but also 'cause they're cheap. The worst thing I did was to eat ice cream. I was enjoying the night to do whatever I want and to eat whatever I wish. That included, eating a pint of ice cream; ignoring the fact that my body couldn't take the effect of lactose. I didn't mind; but I knew :) I told myself; I wanted to be free from anything at all!

We partied like we never party before. Oh, is it a song?? Then the lyrics tell what happened that night. I even danced Hawaiian! Good gracious, the video let me not escape what i just did. haha :) We drunk beers; rum; and tequila. And what do you know; the effect of ice cream took over me as soon as I finished my last shot. 

Guess what; I ended up spending the rest of the night in the bathroom. Needless to say; I killed the fun. Good thing; I recovered after sleeping and before the Big Day! :)

Alas, the Big Day finally arrived! We dressed-up for the occasion. I wore nothing fancy; but a sexy dress. We were fetched by a driver and were brought to marvel at the grandeur of Peacock Garden. 

Peacock Garden is a hotel for the upper side. But, if you're willing to spend much more than the usual; this hotel will not disappoint you. The hotel offers a luxury stay. The garden is fabulous! The infinity pool offers seclusion. The disco bar displays sophistication. The pool tables are free! Great!

The wedding was held at the pool side. It was designed in such a way that we felt the Greek invasion. It should have; because the groom is Greek and half of the visitors are too!

Peacock Garden Hotel in Bohol

Okay, call me full of dramas; but, I cried at the wedding. I was touched by the exchange of vows and the sincerity of the words of the bride and groom. It was perfect. I thank the couple for having me in that special occasion. It was a long wedding; the ceremony, the reception and the party took the whole day; and I enjoyed all the time I was there. A lovely wedding to remember. :)

The next day was the day for tours! We didn't get the city tour as we already experienced that; the first time we were in Bohol. Instead, we took the island hopping. We also went dolphin watching. I enjoyed this much! School of dolphins jumping around! I'll post the video once i got it from my friend. We also went to virgin island and had our lunch there. Virgin island offers pristine bluish green water with an outline of white sand covering the entire island. A picturesque view can be seen there.

Over-all, Bohol amazed me as ever. It is my number one destination amongst the places I'd been to. I think I'll never get tired of this place. And if you happened not to experience Bohol yet; I recommend you book your next flight to Bohol for a wonderful trip to experience :)

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