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Monday, October 24, 2022

K-Drama and more, The Family's Korean Adventure Part 2

Hello again mga ka Gfootsteps! 
This is the second part of our Korean Group Tour narrative.
To be honest, I supposed to make ^South Korea: Group Tour or not^ as the title of this blog; however, weighing all pros and cons on joining group tour, I must admit the fun and the people deserve to have so much weight to my liking, than my aching hips and feet. Still, I must give some precautions. 
> Your body is weak to walk an approximate 12,000 steps a day. 
>You want to enjoy each attractions thoroughly. YES, a full-packed attraction package is enticing;  but, since you are in a group tour, you will be given just few hours to enjoy great attraction. You have a list of other places to go to in so little time.
> You do not want strangers to turn into friends. Or you prefer to be sorrounded with people you know. (I love the group we joined with. They are great!)
> Last but not the least, do not join group tour if you have plans of escaping and staying in other countries illegally! My Gosh! You put the entire group in jeopardy!

If those reasons are on your mind(except the last on the list); I suggest, asking the agency for a lay-back itinerary. They can customize the tours for you. You just have to ask!

Our day 2 was filled with great attractions. And to name a few, let's start with Korean Folk Village.
Expect a jump packed visitors during weekends when visiting this place; as the schools usually bring toddlers and elementary students here, as part of their cultural and heritage awareness.
There are Kid's attractions in Korean Folk Village. One of those is the river ride. I saw that there is also horror attractions! We did not go there
The Korean Folk Village showcases the different houses based on classes (rich and the poor) during dynasties. You can also see different furnitures and tools used then. You can see displays of how offenders were tortured based on their offenses. Experience inside the Jail during Joseon Dynasty is also one of the highlights of out tour.
Dance parade was also featured. 

Plenty of side trips on K-Drama locations were included in our tour package. However, I will feature only those I have plenty of memories with.. hahaha forgetful  Lola mode.

A part of our second day tour was a 3-hour Everland Experiece. The Everland is so huge that it will require at least a day to explore and experience all of what they can offer. We only experience the Safari Adventure as the qeue was long. 

We enjoyed Neverland and next time we will enjoy it for a day :)

Until next time mga ka Gfootsteps!

Thursday, October 13, 2022

K-Drama and more, The Family's Korean Adventure Part 1

 K-Drama! Skincare all-you-want! Say... Kimchiiii!

Yes mga ka -Gfootsteps, Korea, sarang-hamnida! That was the lastest international flight we had when the border opens for tourists like us just recently. We went there last September 29, 2022 and stayed for five days. We went on a group tour as our Korean Tour Partner offered a no-visa entry when you fly "Fly Gangwon".

Don't get me wrong, a no-visa entry requirements are the same as that when you apply for a visa going to South Korea; however; those required documents need to be carried with as the immigration officers may or may not be asking for those.

Sadly, out of 26 group tour participants; only 11 of us were granted to fly to Korea. The rest were offloaded. I suggest, APPLY FOR KOREAN VISA instead. Please remember, when you get offloaded, your payment cannot be refunded. It is better to play safe than sorry in the end. It is indeed enticing to fly to south korea with no visa needed; only, if you are sure you will not get offloaded; otherwise, play safe my fellowmen :)

Upon arrival at Yangyang International Airport, we were greeted by our "uber-reliable", Korean Tourguide, James. We headed to an area for COVID-19 RTPCR testing. and went on our Day-1 itinerary. Yes, not a minute wasted. 

Our First stop, Mt. Seorak and Naksansa Temple. This tour requires long walk on a scourching heat. The weather when we arrive South Korea was on opposites: very cold at night and very dry and hot on daytime. 

The Cable car ride was exciting and the mountains are great! Did you know that Mountains cover 70% of Korea? Thanks to James for this info. This means really long and uphill walk for our many tours :)

Sumptuous lunch was served after the Mt. Seorak National Park adventure. The tour we availed covers all meals. It is usally variety of samgyupsal and hotpot. My husband and my sons loved the food! 

Next stop was BTS Bustop at Jumunjin Beach. 

Our Tourguide, James

Inspired by this picture: #ctto

We also went to Yangyang Lighthouses with weird mushroom shape, or our imaginations are just playing on us ;)

We were exhausted when we arrived our hotel. We stayed overnight in one of the good hotels in Gangwon.

To be continued:

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