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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sabah, Malaysia: The concluding Trip

The last road to travel..
The last chance of redeeming what happened the day before..
Were our prayers heard?

The last destination is for the young and the young at heart. We traveled going to Penampang-Papar for almost 45 minutes from our hotel. As usual, our tour guide/driver accompanied us on the trip. We were so lucky to see the sun shining brightly.Maybe,our prayers reached up above after all :)

Uphill Penampang-Papar lies Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. It offers both zoological and botanical parks. We were charged RM10 as our tour guide got our tickets. Usually, RM20 is the cost of the ticket for non-Malaysians like us; but, we just got lucky to get it in half a price.

We were given maps to ease up our journey inside the park. By far, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is the biggest Park I've seen in my life. It features variety of wildlife and a forest that you have to climb up to appreciate the beauty of. When you choose to go to this park, wear comfortable shoes or rubber shoes for the hike. 

The monkey isolated from the rest on top of a tree is a naughty one. He peed on us! Well, I think I showed him some ultra-sonic move and he didn't get me! hahaha :)

The best part of the park is the forest. It offers wild plants and flowers as well as huge river seen on a hanging bridge. The steps were almost never ending. Men, that was tiring! But, upon reaching the top; the beauty of the place is marvelously revealed for your amusement. The view was worth it all.

We never really managed to finish the entire trip due to aching stomach. We were starving; so, we headed back to the gate to look for a canteen. To our surprise; the canteen's closed. That was a bad joke!

Okay, that was the biggest mistake we made. We pursued the plan on the day of Ramadan. :( We never realized that most of the people there are Muslims. Yes, we should have done our research before going to the place. We went out and since the driver's supposed to pick us up in the afternoon; we didn't have a ride and couldn't scout for some nearby restos. We tried looking for someplace to eat by foot. All restos were closed even the smallest store. :(

We were undeniably starving and on the verge of giving all our money just for a piece of bread. 

We prayed for the sun.. it was given. Maybe, we should have prayed for food too?

We walked farther from the Park and saw one food stall. Our hope leaped when we saw people moving inside the stall. We hurriedly went there and ask for some food. But, they were closing the stall already. Good thing the woman is a Filipino and we told her our agony of finding food. She didn't cook anything for us but she shared her biscuits and pans to us. Such a good Samaritan, that woman is. At least, the food she shared made our stomach to stop complaining for a little while.

We headed back to the park to await for our driver. 'twas 4pm already and he was still out of sight. My companion thought that maybe he will never come back for us. Such a frightening thoughts really; knowing that all our luggage were inside his van. Everyone looked tired and worried; but, still managed to laugh at the state we were in. That's one good thing about Filipinos; they can make a worse situation light by smiling and laughing :)

Alas, our handsome driver came back! Yahoo! He caught us waiting for him inside a choo-choo train :)

Th Wildlife Park is a good place to visit in Sabah. But make sure you know if it's Ramadan :) hahhaa..

We headed to the airport afterwards and there we talked about variety of things we enjoyed most in Sabah, Malaysia. Definitely, we loved the food. We adored the people. We appreciated the courtesy given to us by the locals. Most of all, we thanked the place for teaching us so many things in life out of the unexpected turn of events :)

Until next time Sabah!

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