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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sabah Malaysia:The 3rd day

Learning is inevitable whilst one travel. And, in Sabah I learned to expect the unexpected and to find the rainbow after the rain.

We got up with only 2-hour sleep. With a drowsy head; we intended to grab some more sleep while moving.
Our itineraries were planned by our driver/tour guide. He too was the one who picked us up at the airport; so, we were at ease with his company already. He's a nice guy :)

The sun was shining brightly and there was no sign of rain falling down as I looked at the sky.

He led us first to see the Mount Kinabalu Park where the tallest mountain in South-East Asia lies. As we traversed a winding road; the cloud grew darker. That wasn't a good sign as we intended to trek the mountain. True enough; the gatekeepers almost didn't want us to get inside. They said that the mountain is not good for visitors at the moment. But; we saw the natives moving up and got the courage they had, we insisted. As we moved up; the chill got into our bones. Our get-ups were never appropriate. Wearing thin clothing became our worst enemy. We only got the courage but not the armors to conquer the Kinabalu Summit. The climb became harder as we get near the next gate. Slippery rocks due to water flowing down made us almost stop and go back. We lessened our target heights as the keepers thought that was a bad idea to continue after all.  We heeded.. defeated; and just took some shots to remember the place.

We prayed hard to let us see the sun; as we head down the hill to check on Poring Hotsprings. We made a stop in strawberry farm. At least,we got delighted with the strawberry and flower plantation. The flowers are huge and the place could be a good setting for a romantic film. To lighten up the mood; we played like children and acted like we were models (of the flowers) haha.

We traveled for an hour to reach Ranau; where Poring hot springs is located. The heavy rain followed us; as if, it was driving us away. Maybe we didn't pray that hard or our prayers got caught in some invisible traffic jam.

To reach the hotsprings; we had to cross a long bridge. It felt unsafe. But, I must not show the fear. There I was again showing some courage. We bought thin raincoats; just to get us by. The place is beautiful; but the rain was hiding it from us. All we care was to be able to cross the roads and to finally reach the place. We slipped; some even literally rolled down. Yet, we laughed at the experience. The only thing in our mind was that; we were there to experience Sabah; and by hell or not we will never regret it. :)

The shocking news paved my optimism; when upon reaching the spot where hot springs' supposed to spring; there was none but a minute water running down a hose with muddy texture and temperature colder than the water in a fridge. :( Waaaa! I was having a nightmare! I knew I was; when I heard a foreigner complaining of the same thing. Men, that was for real!

I was so down; when I saw our little angel (the son of my travel companion and a friend) who was swimming freely and enjoying a cold water in a pool. He was with us on this journey; and only in his eyes that I see the wonder of the place. Rain or not; hot springs or none; the place is still marvelous.

I learned that travel gone wasted is a travel never traveled at all. Then I opted to go with the flow. I just enjoyed watching the child enjoying himself. Maybe that was the purpose of this trip after all; to let us see that enjoying a moment is a choice. :)

To my surprise; we stayed there for more than 4 hours haha! :)

The next day was our last tour; and we hoped it will be better than what we just had :) Or was it not? :) find out on the concluding part of our Sabah, Malaysia Trip :)

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