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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

D&G in ISDAAN, Gerona, Tarlac

"Behind every successful man, is a surprised woman" ~ Maryon Pearson

When old places are roamed; yet new feeling is felt; then you had a memorable travel that would be treasured for a lifetime. That's what I felt when we went to Baguio. Such a heavy heart I felt leaving the place; but, who could ever stop the time?

We drove down the winding road; and after reaching a not-so-far place; I caught him looking at something as he lowered the gear to slow down. To my surprise, I saw a beautiful place that in my thoughts could have been an art exhibit. D said, let's eat here. So, again, he knew the place and didn't tell me to catch the smile that he always like. Beyond the beauty that lies within my eyes was his affection that counted most.

He led me inside Isdaan. It was about to close; but we managed to sneak and dine in. A floating restaurant it is! With displays of replicas that kids and those young at hearts would definitely love; I felt like a child once more. Then I smiled.

Isdaan Restaurant is under the same management of Barrio Fiesta. So expect the same food offerings as that of Barrio Fiesta. As we moved towards the table that gave an impression of eating in a "balsa" (raft); I was expecting to see some singing cooks and waiters; but there was none. Maybe because they were about to close. We had a sumptuous late dinner together; yet, the food servings caught me by surprise. It was huge that could feed 2-3 people.

The wonder of the place as I said were the giant sculptures that depict a themed park. I so loved the giant Buddha and dinosaurs. D loved Mickey Mouse, of course :)

So, if you happened to go to Baguio, feed your hunger in Isdaan Restaurant at Gerona, Tarlac. We loved it there! And we just recently found out that they too have the same themed park in Laguna. This, we have to check out really soon! :)

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