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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Buenavista, Quezon- Kanlukot Falls Adventure

"We call it the Giant's Lair". The almost nonchalant remarks of my father when he heard that we were about to go to Kanlukot Falls. Surprisingly unknown to many "Buenavistahins" (Buenavista Quezon locals); Kanlukot Falls was a grandeur in beauty as I recalled the first time I went there. Yes, indeed! The travel was my second attempt to see the beauty of Kanlukot Falls once again; traversing an alternative route than what we used to on the first time.

To go to Buenavista, Quezon; please read my entry Buenavista, Quezon: Now and the probable Then for the directions.

My father told me that they heard stories about Kanlukot. "There was once a giant who lived there. He ruled the place in such a way that he made his home visible to the villagers. The villagers never attempted for so long to go to Kanlukot because the giant might kill them. Until such time that the story's forgotten and the new generation never heard of the giant. Later; one of the villagers; who never even heard the story about the giant, dug a cave and found a very long bone inside it. They said it was the right arm of the giant. It was very long that no one would ever doubt that it was an arm of a very BIG MAN!"; my father narrated. I asked him, where is the bone now and he told me that no one knows already its whereabouts.

My father also warned us not to go there. But, since I saw the place once; I never felt the danger; but I knew that the trip will be exhausting. My father out of frustration just told us to take the picture of the Giant's table which can be found on top of the Kanlukot Mountain.

It was April 22, 2012 when we went back to Kanlukot Falls.Previously; we just traveled by foot from the town's proper (Poblacion) to Kanlukot via Barangay Siain, Buenavista, Quezon. This time, we opted to travel via Sitio Dalahay.

How to go to Kanlukot Falls: Starting Point as the Town Proper; ask a tricycle to drop you off to Guinhalinan Bridge (approximately 20 min travel). From Guinhalinan Bridge; ask the locals who can bring you on top of Sitio Dalahay using a motor cycle. The motor cycle ride will cost you PHP 20/head. Once you are on top of Sitio Dalahay; ask the local the path going to Kanlukot Falls. Kanlukot Falls is in Bgy. Siain. You have to walk all the way down of Sito Dalahay. You have to follow the river until you reach a curve and see the Falls. It is about an hour and a half tedious walk. The mountain going down is very steep. Get ready for an adventure. You also have to cross the river and climb huge rocks.

What to wear: Arm yourself with long sleeves and jogging pants as well as a rubber shoes for steep climbing. Use a cap to protect you from the sun during summer and a raincoat during rainy seasons. The long sleeves and jogging pants will protect you from tall grass cuts.

What to bring: Pack lightly on this trip as the walk is tedious and the mountain you need to climb back is so steep. Sunblock lotion during summer is a must. Bring a rope for the climb and if you have a climbing gear; bring it! Bring cooked food and water. Note, no stores can be found once you started trekking; so bring whatever you can't leave without on a trip.

The stories behind Kanlukot Falls made me more interested in taking a glimpse of it once more. The things i reminded you of were based on what we should have done and brought on this trip. What we did was an exact opposite of it. :(

We brought our own motor cycle ride (owned by the brother of my auntie). The driver was not familiar on the roads going to Sitio Dalahay; so, the humps and steep road brought as a minor accident. I got bruises on my knees and my uncle on his elbow. This did not stop us; but, we opted to just walk, traumatized of the incident. During the trek down the mountain; the grass slashed my skin as I was wearing walking shorts. Good thing I was wearing rubber shoes; but my companions who were wearing slippers, slipped as we crossed the river. Not once, but many times.

We thought that we would never survive finding the place; but we did! :) At long last; we found the Kanlukot river! We saw the Giant's table on top of the mountain! We conquered Kanlukot Falls! :)

Road scene to Kanlukot Falls

Below images were taken half-way to Sitio Dalahay; where the accident happened.

On top of the Mountain via Sitio Dalahay; below images will show you the beauty of Buenavista, Quezon as well as how high the mountain we climbed to reach Kanlukot Falls!

Uncle, Aunt; Kuya, Cousin and one of my sons on top of the mountain

The coconut plantation as seen below the mountain

The images below will show you our target pathway; the river (Just the mouth of the river)! Look at a small nipa hut that looks like having colorful flag-lets on the second picture. I zoomed the camera 5x to get a glimpse of the nipa hut.

After we walked down the mountain; we found out that the nipa hut was the landmark we have to reach to see the river. And the flag-lets; much to our dismay were hanging washed clothes! :p

We walked down the mountain for another 15 minutes towards that nipa hut to set-foot on the river. Well, it looks like the carabaos enjoyed their baths here. Nope! the carabao didn't share the river with us! hahahha

We watched the flow of the water. We should travel to the direction opposite where the water flows. And, as we head towards the unreachable Kanlukot Falls; we finally saw the Giant's table on top of the mountain! We already knew that we reached Bgy. Siain and we were very near the falls! I took a shot of the Giant's table.

Kanlukot Giant's Table
We tried to search for the Falls; but it was out of sight. We can only hear the rushing of the falling waters. The thought of some magical creatures were playing with us caught my mind! I brushed the thought in an instant or I may not finish looking at what I came for in the first place. We went back and forth the river; until we saw a hidden Falls covered with tall trees and grasses. It was not how it looked like then when we first saw Kanlukot falls. My friend; one of the Besties, Tengay knew that there were twin Falls in Kanlukot. But, we only saw one and it was almost hidden.

Kanlukot Falls on Summer

My uncle rationalized that the flowing of small amount of water is because it's summer. We bought that idea! But, so little water on the falls yet the rushing water on the river as we get close the Kanlukot Falls was heavy and almost carried us away! Hmmm, I talked to the nature that we came in peace and all we wanted is to show the world it's beauty. As we reached the Falls; we found out that the water is so deep. But, the river is marvelous! Free Natural Spa ! :) We enjoyed it very much!

Jump-off Point

At 4pm, we packed up as we have to climb the mountain for another hour and a half to reach home. As we moved towards the mouth of the river; we enjoyed the trees; the birds and the flowers.

My son climbing a tree like a monkey with the donkey.. hahhaa joke!

My youngest son taking a short break
My cousin enjoying his freshly picked aratiles with his father's big belly as a background hahaha  

We arrived home way past 6pm. Everyone was tired. No one would like to speak. Then I recalled the trip we had in Kanlukot Falls.
  1. Bruises - Check!
  2. Rashes - Check!
  3. Sunburn - Check!
  4. Aching muscles - Check!
  5. Tired Feet - Check!
  6. Smile on my face - Check!
  7. Funny memories - Big Check!
  8. Great Nature Experience - Triple Big Checks!
My feet sore... my hair dumped.. my skin itched.. my memory of Kanlukot, PERFECT! :)

I had the time of my life. This unknown place with mysterious past is a perfect getaway for a true adventure of a lifetime. I am a proud Buenavistahin! :)


It would be great to have a Zipline from Sitio Dalahay down to the river where the mighty Kanlukot Falls can be found. It would also ease the hard climb if the path towards the river will have steps! :) hahaha.. wishes! Well, Kanlukot Falls is a genuine treasure with or without development.

It's good to know, WE CONQUERED the GIANT'S LAIR!


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