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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Puerto Princesa: The Concluding Part

We marveled at the rock formations in Puerto Princesa Underground River; a renowned 7 Wonders of Nature. I have to say that nature really has its own wonder as proven by the journey inside the cave.

We hated the fact that we have to leave the place that soon. But we must; as the queue of tourists awaits our return. We headed back to Sabang Port. With too short a time at hand; having the Honda Bay tour would be impossible. But, Hey! We were on Sabang Beach; so, why waste time??

I talked to our tour guide and see if we can plunge in the water as we awaits for the other van passengers. Having such a charm; we managed to get his YES and Go! Go! Go!

The Beach area is just a few minutes away from the Sabang Port. We walked under an scorching heat of the sun; but we cared less. By hook or by crook; we will get our skin soaked and salty :)

We stopped at Sheridan Beach Resort; one of the high-end resorts in Puerto Princesa. There you can find the South Sea Restaurant where you can get some refreshments after a tiring walk. That's what we did. We had few drinks before we started the plunge. I am a Margarita drinker.. Sad to say that their Margaritas did not meet my taste; although their Mojito did :)

 We had fun with our tour guide as he became our photographer. One of his remarks was; "Sarsa na lang ang kulang" (We just need sauce!); pertaining to us who were wearing our 2-pc swimwear. Such an unacceptable remarks! hahahhahaha..wait 'til he sees us again with our revenge! hahhahahaa..

 Over-all our Sabang Beach experience was worthy enough to satisfy our needs for a beach experience in Puerto Princesa.

We went back to our hotel, and decided to check the night-life in there. Plenty of bar and restos can be chosen in Puerto Princesa. And based on ratings and talks from friends who had been there; we opted to have our dinner in Kinabuch's. The food has an excellent taste! Although; you have to wait a little longer for your food to be served as there were plenty of customers in this bar and restaurant. The Ambiance of the place is cozier than the other restos we've been to in Puerto Princesa. It has billiard tables too :)

After the dinner we walked around the city and scouted for a place to drink. There we found the TIKI bar. We were engrossed with the way it looks. So native; so artistically presented :) But the mixes? Nope, did not pass our taste. Well, you can always play safe though.. order beers! hahhahahaha

We had a sleepless night as we went back to our hotel. We had a full recap of our adventures and talked about the next place to visit :)

Early morning; we had to leave with heavy heart with a dragging feet. It's time to bid Puerto Princesa a good-bye.. Until we meet again :) Definitely! We will be in Puerto Princesa again.. and again.. and again :)

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