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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The BEST GIFT 2012 Gave Me: Faith, Hope, Love

I usually do not write anything about the past year as I always believe that moving forward is way better than looking back. However, 2012 had been so kind to me; that writing what it had given me would be the right thing to do to show how thankful I am that God had been so good to me, my family and my friends in 2012.

Tracing the gifts of 2012 is never difficult; as most of them are instill in my mind and my heart:

The early gift of 2012 was the gift of faith ~ 2011 gave us a tragic moment when the family almost lost our light; my mom. But, no matter how difficult the family went through; our family survived this tragic event with prayers; helpful friends and the faith that she will survive :) She did! She survived 2011 and 2012 healed her.. Like a miracle; my mom not only survived death but she was healed. From a stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease brought about by her fatal cardiac arrest; she bid dialysis good-bye :) The doctors were shocked! She was supposed to be forever dependent on the dialysis machine or a kidney transplant. Her recovery is a miracle and WE THANK GOD for this gift as we shared with our hearts the gift of FAITH and HEALING in 2012.

2012 also made me be a part of it's gift of HOPE ~ On it's earlier stage 2012 brought a baby to my best of friends; Tengay; who would die to have one. This gift of Hope was shared to all the BESTIES as Mikmik; my God-child showered us love and joy. But the best gift for my friend arrived later in 2012! She did not just have Mikmik but she was gifted with a life in her womb; that for almost more than 2 decades was unable to sustain life. Yes, a Gift of Hope is indeed in a form of another Miracle :) As for me; I never lost the HOPE in my heart; and almost all the things I hoped for came like showers of blessings in 2012; mostly monetary :) Yet, 2012 had been so graciously kind to me and my family.

And one of the best gifts 2012 gave me was the GIFT OF LOVE ~ For 18 years; I never imagined nor even wished to have this gift again. On mid-quarter of 2012; he came into my life. Shockingly, I was taken aback of this feeling; yet, I felt that this is a special gift that I must be thankful for. Two hearts re-united again; from being a mere grade-school classmates to being special partners hopefully for life. He became not only my love but also my partner in almost all of my travels. As a traveler, having your beloved as your partner in traveling is a bliss and I'd never been that happy to see the beauty of nature with him :) And, it is rightful to thank 2012 for blessing me with a new life to start and love to share :)

Here are the highlights of my travels in 2012 with my beloved hunny :)

 Nobody knows what's in store for 2013; but, I believe it will even be better than 2012. Yet, again, I thank 2012 for these wonderful gifts that I will forever treasure in my heart :)

Happy New Year everyone! :)

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