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Thursday, January 17, 2013

D&G in Southwind and 88hotspring Resorts in Laguna

October 5, 2012 ~ I received a bad news from Cebu Pacific that my flight going to Naga was cancelled and re-booking at the same date was impossible. It was a shocking news to think that my bags were packed and a few hours from then should have been my flight. The night before was agonizing; knowing that D wouldn't be able to join my trip to Calaguas as it was a previously arranged tour.

I guess, the news made him happy :) But, on my part; such a disappointment! Then he came up with a plan; so rushed just to compensate what i have lost on that day and to make me happy. D said we just have to go somewhere nice and stay there for a little while. I asked where to go; but he kept it a secret; but he asked me to just bring my things to go on swimming.

October 7, 2012 ~ 2 days before my birthday it was. D picked me up and we headed to Pansol, Laguna. So, he knew the place and been there already. Before checking-in we grabbed some food and bought some groceries at the nearby store.

SOUTHWIND RESORT ~ Since our trip was rushed; we didn't have a choice but to reserve a family room since all couple's rooms were fully booked at that time. But, we didn't encounter problem in reserving a room. The resort is huge with 2 tall buildings facing each other. I was told by D that the building near the mountain was the newest and where the couple's rooms were located. Southwind Resort got 4 pools and 1 kiddie pool of varying depths. Each pool offers warm water that would probably coming from a hot spring in which Pansol is very famous of. We opted to plunge in a not-so-crowded pool. We had a great time joking around conversing too much that I believed among the other guests; we were the nosiest. :)

Their family room is big with two queen-sized beds; its own toilet and bath and with middle-sized table. We enjoyed the privacy it offers at night and the sleep quality it provided us. The resort has its own restaurant and a convenient store. That became useful for us as we were both coffee-lovers and we needed some hot water for the coffee we brought. The hot water had minimal charge; but that's ok. Overall, this resort is recommended for family and couples or even huge group. The kids will enjoy this resort too. It will definitely get 8 out of 10 good ratings from me. :)

Southwind resort brought us a wonderful time together where our private jokes were shared. This place will always be remembered by D&G.

88hotspring Resort ~ We checked-out in Southwind Resort before lunch and headed towards 88hotspring Resort. We got to visit this one as I heard good things about this hot spring resort from many of my Korean and Chinese friends. Well, what do you know.. we were never disappointed. We basked in its beauty with awe. It offers healing and tranquility in luxurious style. The vastness it covers provides their guests with recreations befitting their needs. Their pools offers eastern traditional healing. They have a so-called Feng Shui Energy Pool where you will be assigned to a certain pool location based on your birthdate to get the best chi or energy. They have spa, gold course, kiddie pool, jacuzzi and hot-mini pool. You can see the hotspring coming from the mountain as it is filtered before reaching their pools. The scenic view offers healing itself. We loved the place and we will surely come back for more :)

This trip brought not only happiness to me; but, gratefulness. I am so thankful to D for this wonderful experience. I was not able to enjoy Calaguas; but this trip was definitely way better as I have D with me to enjoy it with :)

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