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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tacloban: A Review on Welcome Home Pensione

Travel Date: September, 2012
Purpose of Visit: Tacloban Tour and explore Digyo Island in Inopacan, Leyte
Travel Companions: Friends and co-blogger
Type of room accommodation: Standard room with 3 single beds and private toilet and bath

Upon arrival at the airport, I had to take a jeepney going downtown to reach Welcome Home Pensione. The jeepneys lined up a few walks from the airport; however, as impatient as I am; i took the van that cost me a 100 peso to reach the place. That was actually a cheap bargain considering that the fare should have been 150 per passenger. It took me about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the place. The hotel was not hard to find as it is located at the center of the city. We chose Welcome Home Pensione as it is just a few steps away from Duptours Terminal where we have to be on a wee a hour of the morning to ride a van going to Inopacan Leyte.

I was greeted by their receptionist in a small lobby. It's a building-type hotel where all spaces are maximize; meaning, all spaces are in use. Judging at it's look, the building in front of the street could have been the older building. Just a few steps on the lobby desk; I was headed to go to the second floor where our room is and my friends were waiting.

The Room: Nothing fancy. I saw 3 small single bed; with a huge closet attached to the private toilet and bath. There was a hanging small television and a small dresser. There was a small table as you enter the room. The toilet and bath is fair enough with working hot and cold shower. However, the linens as I smelled were not fresh or maybe they were but did not pass my standard. My co-blogger who stayed on the other building opposite ours said otherwise. Maybe, we were just not that lucky to have a better accommodation in Welcome Home Pensione.

What to expect: At the center of the hotel; dividing the two buildings lies a mini garden with a nipa hut. There you can enjoy a relaxing view and a free wi-fi. Hot and cold water is provided but not served. At the same area; you can find a couple of cup and glasses as well as the hot and cold water. You have to get it yourself. You should also tell the receptionist if you need room cleaning. I didn't complain much as we were just there to sleep; but the quality of my sleep wasn't that good due to the smell of the pillows and linens. However, when I asked them to change the linens on the socond day; i was able to get a better sleep.

For a budget hotel like Welcome Home Pensione; expect nothing special; however, if you were just there to sleep; then this hotel befits your need.

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