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Monday, January 6, 2014

Virgin Beach Resort ~ A harmony of Sun, Sea & Sand

Crowded thoughts..
Mixed emotions..
Challenges faced..
Hope delivered..

The many reasons why you never heard from me ; 'though I traveled a lot in 2013. I wasn't given the chance to even catch up with my backlogs. But, I promised to be back.

And here I am again, writing!

This is the best way to start my 2014, I believe :) And with so many inspirations, my backlogs will be gone long enough before this year ends.

I'm treating this day as an ultimate reunion day with my passion..

Speaking of reunions, the trip that i was about to write was conceptualized as one of the monthly reunions of our Grade School batch. And yes, I was the organizer at that time. We usually held our get-together in our houses; but not when I said, we should travel. :)

I booked everything and scouted for a nearby beach in Manila. Where else to go but in Batangas. I remembered one of the popular resorts in Laiya that was used as a location in few of the movies I have watched; like, "Here comes the bride". Yes, we went to Virgin Beach resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. It was just a two- hour ride from Manila. Add an hour more if you are traveling via public bus.

I booked a Dining Parasol. It can accommodate a max of 15 heads; with a price of a thousand and three hundred and fifty pesos; however, I got to pay a 150-peso more per head if we exceeded a count of 12. Nope we didn't exceed the allotted head counts; but, one of my classmates had to rent a Bed Parasol for her kids.

Looking at the parasols we stayed-in, disappointed me. I was actually aiming to get same ambiance and looks of the resort as that of how it was projected in the movie. But, at that time the Parasols wore a retiring look already.The shabby look of the parasols we rented is a cutthroat for a price of more than a thousand per day per parasol. Oh well, I hope the management will do something to bring back the glow of the place.

The good news is that, the sun, the sea and the sand still work wonders in harmony. True to their description, Virgin Beach Resort stood up as a haven for purity of nature. That, compensated the travel. The harmony of nature brought as a laid-back experience away from our troubled bodies and minds. We enjoyed the place!

 The water was not as salty as that of other beaches in Batangas. Maybe because it was adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. However, not much sea creatures ca be found. At least, not near the shore. I cannot vouch for snorkeling experience there; though, I believe it's just a matter of the-right-spot to see the underwater living things.

If you want a union with nature; without asking for too much galore of a high-end resort; then I recommend Virgin Beach Resort.

Will I go back there? Hell, yeah why not? :)

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