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Monday, May 19, 2014

Bantayan Island, Cebu ~ Rustically Beautiful

Blame it on this picture on the net!

taken at

Who could ever resist such beauty? From that point in time, Bantayan had become my most wanted place to explore. Accomplishing such dream took me over a month to conceptualize: should I go alone? Should I ask others to join? Whatever it will be, may i be alone in this place or not, I will be there. That's what I had in mind.

Okay, my idea of solo-traveling in Bantayan didn't last for so long when some of my friends showed interest in joining. I told myself, why not share whatever experience I could have in this place.

And so, the journey begun.

Early morning of November, D and I plus two of my friends headed to the airport to catch a flight going to Cebu. After an hour in the sky, we landed in Mactan Airport. We took a van going to Hagnaya Port where we had to ride a Roro. It took roughly 4 hours to reach the port. My butt ached, but my excitement ached more than my butt. My anticipation rose high upon reaching the port; seeing a body of water was enough for me to forget my aching butt.

Traveling via a Roro became tedious with the humidity at that time. I was sweating all over and D too felt uncomfortable with so many people inside the Roro.

The journey continued, until we reached Sta. Fe. Getting a hotel wasn't hard in Bantayan. Tricycle drivers do not just offer a ride but hotel options too. Too bad, we were booked in a hotel already.The accommodation we had was very basic; needless to say, we were not impressed with the services we got from the resort managers. If you wanted to know which resort was it, drop me a note as I never intend of bad-mouthing anyone. However bad the services were, the scenery was still at its grandeur :)

Our accommodation in Bantayan

View at our resort

Good thing, the neighboring resort offered what we need. Anika is way way better and my next choice of resort when I come back to Bantayan. Almost all the time; when there was no tour, we were there eating, playing and just roaming around!

The place was a haven to nature-lovers like me. D and I said we can grow old there if fate allowed :) The sand was crystalline white; the water was clear; the morning walks a delight; the sun shining at dawn was a bliss and the native of the land were fascinating as they prepare their "danggit".

Did I ever get a closer look on the place where the Bantayan picture on the net was taken? Oh yeah! and yes, it was lovely :)

The tours we had was breath taking! See what Bantayan tour can offer you on my next post :)

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