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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Abundantly yours, Abra (Part 2)

Read the first part here..

The rain tested our patience as we drove to see the Abra river. Each time we had to get down the wheels; the rain heavily poured as if its playing a joke on us. We didn't heed to the calling of quitting; instead, we ran and stole few shots before the huge drops hit us.

The plan was to swim in the river; rent a hut and enjoyed a few moments of being just there. The mother of all rivers where other rivers known as her sons come back every now and then; that Abra is to me. I marveled at the wideness of her scope. Even at a glance; she fascinated me. Pity as the plan never materialized; somehow, the rain got his victory over us. We had children on board and we couldn't take the risk of having anyone get sick if the plan will push through. The Calaba bridge is long; and it provided us a better view of the Abra River. It served as our refuge to get to know her more. And the three of us awed in fascination. "Beautiful" it is. All is said and done.

We head back to Bangued to see what Victoria Park can offer. It brought us traversing a winding road going to nothing but up. Yes, Victoria Park is on top of the hill. At the heart of it; stood a huge replica of "Mother and Child". I got to thinking; people either went way up the statue to pray or get a better shot of the entire Abra. I guess most of them like me intended to do both. Victoria Park offered me a great view of Abra. Yet; i might say, everything up-close and personal is even prettier than looking at what Abra can offer in just a glimpse at the top. The Park is still worth a visit; but is needing some retouch.

It's almost getting dark before we decided to call it a day. We scouted for a place to spend the rest of the night before going back home. We went to R&R Agri-Tourism Complex and tried our luck there. But, currently, this hotel catered only for large group and not for three lovely ladies (Ahem!). Curiosity got me and I started a conversation with the caretaker. She said that they are now building rooms for couples and would probably be available the next time we visit Abra. They have huge pool on top of the mountain connected to the hotel. They have nipa huts too for picnics. A room can comfortably occupy 8 people. R&R Agri-Tourism Complex is located just in San Quintin; very near Vigan and Ilocos Sur. The place could offer better accommodation for those groups touring entire North as it was strategically located near the tourist destinations. I got their number just in case their couple's room becomes available. By that time, I hope couple would really mean couple when I get back there. Haha!

My friend generous sister; offered her home to us, that we appreciatively took. Abra-in people showed me kindness from the start and I will never ever forget them. I thank YOU guys for your help and generosity towards us. 'til we meet again :)

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