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Thursday, June 28, 2012

When THE FARM offers more than the VEGGIES

I thought I still would be needing more time to have this place crossed in my bucket list of places to visit. I thought
wrong. Somehow, the invites I got shocked me and needless to say I sent back my RSVP right away. It says: "Yes, I would love to JOIN you in going to THE FARM at SAN BENITO". I forgot if I placed too many exclamation point at the end; but, my expression let me not hide my excitement.

The first time I saw The Farm on the web; my jaw dropped. Alright, it wasn't meant for everyone as the price stated clearly that the cost would be for those who can really afford a luxurious holistic healing. Still, the pictures already captivated me and so I listed the place on my wish-list of go-for-it-with-eyes-closed-and-forget-about-the-money-honey.

I went there just recently with colleagues and I treat the experience as a gift as it WAS!

We arrived early in the morning for a Yoga and meditation. This was the first YOGA experience I had and I felt the energy surged in. In fact, when the master said; "find your center; relax, surrender", I felt at peace with nature and with my self. It seems I was in trance. Had the master said more of "surrender", I would probably be asleep.

After the Yoga, we had a Power walk. I didn't go with them as I wanted to explore the land. I do not want to stop being connected with nature.. not just yet. I saw peacocks roaming the place as if telling me, this is my paradise. I saw the ducks swarming the ponds  and heard the birds singing some lullaby.. I stopped. The latter brought me back to wanting to sleep.

We had our breakfast at the Mango Tree. Fresh fruit.. no additives.. everything is healthy in there. Okay, I eat fruit.. so no problem :)

I had another first when we were asked to participate in Aqua Aerobics. This time, The energy that flowed in me felt the need to get out. The instructor caught my positive energy and there I was teasing and everyone was laughing. So, i learned when my energy is revived the crowd comes alive! :)

As we were waiting for lunch; we roamed the south part of the place. They have the homegrown vegetables that later were identified as our meal. That stop my being in paradise. I was expecting at least fish meat.. but there was none. Being included in the Order Carnivora, having veggies and only veggies was a nightmare. I skipped the luscious-looking meals on the table. In fact, I was having a bad thoughts for the ducks that was just earlier a friend of mine. Imagining how they taste made my craving for meat more than an addiction.

And GOD saved the DUCKS! As I was about to go out to sneak for a smoke (which by the way is not allowed in any part of the THE FARM); I saw our drivers eating in a nipa hut. I said, Yes, I'll just beg for some meat. To my surprise; it is a canteen for employees! And they have fish :) I ordered right away and thanked the Lord for saving the duck.

I survived lunch with happy face :) The next part was the much awaited treatments. I went for a relaxation massage and I felt rejuvenated.

Over-all, my moments shared with my friends at The Farm at San Benito would be one of those moments I would be having in my dreams for many years.

The price? Had i been paying for it myself; I would say it's worth all of what you can get from The Farm. The place heals!

 Website: The Farm at San Benito
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Leah said...

nice naman ng farm:) you look like you had a blast:) by the way, wud love to join you to your cebu trip:) kindly PM me the info sister

G at said...

Thanks sis! :) Sige I'll PM you the details. tamang-tama andaming promo ngayon I got my airfare for as low as 1,600 back and forth na yan :)

G at said...

Sis, i sent you an email! you'll be shockedon how much the fare is going to Cebu! Dali, grab na hehehehe

Admin/Author said...

I have been wanting to try this out...but only if the pocket allows. Hehe. Nice place indeed!

G at said...

I must admit it's costly than the usual spa and treatment; but it's worth every penny :)

Unknown said...

I'd love to go to this place Ms. G!my cousin have been there several times already.

G said...

@Ninez: For sure, every penny is of its worth on this place :)Go! I guarantee you that you'll have a great time at The Farm @ San Benito :) Thanks for dropping-by dear