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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cagbalete Island ~ The Sandbar tells the story

Listed as one of the Philippines beaches you must see before you die.

Cagbalete Island boasts for its widest sandbar you could ever imagine especially on low tides. It is one of Mauban's treasure in tourism.

This was the concluding trip we arranged that was enjoyed by my friends and the experience was passed-on to me through stories. Why? Read the first part of this trip in Mauban Quezon (Dahoyhoy Falls).

They woke up early as they've been told that the boat leaves at 10 am and they have to buy food and other stuff in the market. They've got to leave on the first trip; otherwise the next and last trip will be at 4pm in the afternoon; which would mean a trip-disaster.

They told me that contrary to what i said; the fare cost them PHP90, instead of PHP40 per person.Well, what do you know.. a place once starting to achieve popularity gets the eyes of the officials. We hope it's for development.

They traveled for an hour or so to reach the Sabang port. As planned; they have to hike for another 30 minutes to reach the resort. I managed to book them in Sto.NiƱo resort, the only resort in Cagbalete island that offers A/C accommodation. They didn't hike; they rented a small boat that could only fit 4 people; however, managed to fit all six of them! Sigh! the agony of traveling caught them. A small boat traversing water that low would surely take more than an hour to reach the destination. But; blame it on the long walks they had to enjoy Dahoyhoy Falls, that they opted not to do the same for Cagbalete :)

At last, they arrived at Cagbalete Island! The place offer great tranquility. The shore showed a huge sandbar they never imagined to see. They felt the need to wait for high-tide to plunge in a crystal water. It wasn't even blue;it's crystal clear! The cleanliness revealed more sand just below an ankle-level water.

Awaiting the high-tide led them to explore the island. A volleyball field without a ball. Branches hanging low were made haven for tiring muscles. Placid life it is! One thing you can never get on a busy city life.

The afternoon delights came in when water rose up to their waist. They enjoyed the plunge! They played like children! They deserved it once in awhile; if not always :)

At night, Dash showed his mastery in fire dancing. They said that other tourists enjoyed Dash show :) With the heat running from the alcohol they took; Dash dance suited the evening ambiance.

I asked them; "have you ever gone over budget?". They said it was almost the same as we estimated; making this trip good for back-packing and budget trips :)

They left Cagbalete on a lazy afternoon. Their memories were shared in the many photos took by Pam and the rest of the guys :) Thank goodness, I have them to share.

I will have a piece of Cagbalete soon. 'til then, enjoy with my friends Cagbalete Adventure.

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1 comment:

Leah said...

nice photos:) i wud lyk to join your open invitation but i work in school:( hope to join some other some other time though.