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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mauban Quezon (Dahoyhoy Falls)

I planned and invited them on this trip. I ended up hearing their stories.

Enticing Water rush in Dahoyhoy Falls

April 10, 2012~ "You should pay a visit to Cagbalete Island! It's just in Mauban, Quezon.". A remarks that came from a new found friend in  Batangas where my mom celebrated her birthday. 

April 11, 2012 ~ I started browsing the web to see how Cagbalete Island looks like. Most of the pictures in the sites I visited gave me an impression that It is worth visiting.For the how to go; what to bring; etc, you can refer to below blogs. These posts let me know more of what to expect in Cagbalete Island :)

I started planning this trip and invited my friends who will be interested.

April 30, 2012 ~ We finalized the date of our Mauban Trip. May 18-20, it will be :) We planned almost everything. I contacted the hotels where we will stay. Everything but the event to happen was missing.

The plan I proposed:

8 AM – ETD, Jac Liner (Buendia) to Lucena
11 AM – ETA, Lucena Grand Terminal (Or SM Mall for aircon bus going to Mauban)
11 AM – 12PM – Lunch in Lucena
12 PM – 2 PM – ETA Mauban (check in at Queen Margarette Hotel)
2:30PM – Tricycle to Sitio Ba-ao
3PM – Start Trek to Dahoyhoy Falls
3:30PM – ETA Dahoyhoy Falls
4:30 PM – Pack up; trek back to Sitio Ba-ao
5PM – Tricycle to Mauban Town
5:30PM – Merienda Time
6 PM – tricycle to Bulwagin Beach;
6:20 PM - view of Mauban Power Plant
7PM – Dinner at the hotel
7PM on wards – bahala na si batman hanggang matulog

Basta before 8AM – nasa Mauban Port na tayo to buy goods at the market
10:00 am - ETD, Boat to Cagbalete Island
10:45 am - ETA Sabang port, Cagbalete Island
11:10 am - ETD, trek to east coast of Cagbalete
11:50 am - ETA, MVT Sto. NiƱo Resort
12:20 pm - prepare and eat lunch
01:00 pm - enjoy the soccer field-wide beach of Cagbalete, jumpshot
06:30 pm - prepare and eat dinner
08:00 pm - shower time
08:30 pm – chitchats/ inuman with fireflies under the moonlight bago matulog

05:30 am - early morning beach walk
06:45 am - swimming
08:00 am - prepare and eat breakfast
10:00 am - pack-up
11:00 am - prepare and eat lunch
12:00 nn - ETD, trek to Sabang Port
12:30 pm - ETA, Sabang Port
01:00 pm - ETD, boat to Mauban Port
01:45 pm - ETA, Mauban Port
2PM – Merienda po muna sa me palengke
2:30PM – ETD back to Lucena
4:30PM – ETD back to Manila
7:30PM – Home sweet home?

Estimated Expenses:

Expenses (Est):

Aircon Bus (Manila to Lucena) 210.00
Aircon Bus (Lucena to Mauban) 90.00
Boat to Cagbalete 40.00
Accommodation in Sto. Nino (2500/4pax) 625.00
Miscellaneous 30.00
Boat to Mainland 40.00
Queee Margareth Accom (1800/6pax) 300.00
Tricycle fares 100.00
Food expense 250.00
Bus (Mauban to Lucena) 90.00
Aircon Bus (Lucena to Manila) 210.00
Extra Expenses 500.00

Total Expenses per head 2,485 (6 pax sharing)

May 17, 2012 ~ I received a bad news. My uncle died; so as the Cagbalete trip :( I called my friends that I will not join them on the trip; but, they should push through with it. They did! :)

May 18, 2012 ~ They tried to follow my itinerary; but somehow Queen Margarette Hotel seemed to forget my reservation.. Too bad, my friends went to scout for another place. They got into an inn and it was okay as they said. Anyways, the room was just for sleeping.

The first stop was the DAHOYHOY FALLS. They said that the walk was so tedious that the road to Dahoyhoy falls seems an endless road to travel. Well, I did say a 30-minute walk; but it was not steep or won't require climbing.. hihihi :) Well, I can't blame them. They are not so used in long walks.

I asked them if they enjoyed Dahoyhoy falls with that long walk? "Naman!" (Of course!), was their reply.

What to see in Dahoyhoy Falls? "A middle-sized falls where water is so clean; refreshing and so cool!"

Did you swim in there? "Of course!". "We had a wonderful moment there"

Here are some of the pictures they had of Dahoyhoy Falls.

The bridge going to Dahoyhoy Falls

Starting the journey by foot

Some scenic View in Mauban Quezon

The rice fields in Mauban, Quezon

Grazing land in Mauban Quezon

The river connected to Dahoyhoy Falls

Dahoyhoy Falls rock formation

Dahoyhoy Falls during summer

Dahoyhoy Falls - Modeling the splash??

Dahoyhoy Falls- soothing the aching muscles due to long walks

Enjoying Dahoyhoy Falls

They never got the chance to see the Mauban Power Plant lights display as they had to prepare for their early morning Cagbalete Trip.

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