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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Pity..pity..pity... on deep thoughts as I read about the complaints of people who got scammed by sites giving cheap travel tours. The agony is waiting who to complain after all. Was it the deal site or the agency? Don't get me wrong; there are legit deals on the net; but, knowing which one is for real would be diffifult. If you have ways of deciphering them one by one, by all means go ahead; otherwise, my suggestion is to DIY! Yes, Do-it-yourself (DIY) is better option than grabbing those deals. But, you've got to learn how to do it. I may not be
an expert on this thing; but, I could share a few notes based on my experience.

DIY your trip; guidelines by experience.

  1. I defy the "where you wanna go" as the first on the list. I would say, check the air promos and see the travel dates. Usually, airfare promos have limited coverage on places and travel dates. Look for the place that interest you and book your airticket on the last travel month that the promo covers.

  2. Book a maximum of 3 pax. Not over 3 or you will not get the promo. If you plan of booking for more than 3 pax; do the next booking of the rest; a day after and at night. Still, do it by 3. Chances are after your booking, the airfare hike will follow.You will see that the promo is gone after you click your bookings. But,the promo will appear again in a day or two.

  3. Now that you're done booking your flights; it's time to do some scouting of places to go. Search for the tourist spots on the place you booked. Google will give you lots of articles to read on. You can also copy the itinerary of some of the travellers on their blogs. Or; you can create your own after reading some suggestions, basing it on your travel time and what you want to do. List the do's and don'ts for the place.

  4. Once you have your itinerary, book for accommodation. Choose a hotel or inns that is near your first stop. If it requires riding a boat; book a hotel near the port. This will save you time the day you have to go for the tour. It's hassle-free and even cheaper if you do it this way. Before booking for a hotel, read the reviews of other travellers. Afterall, they've been there and you will know what you will get. Also, ensure that your accommodation includes breakfast. Scouting on where and what to eat would be stressful in some locations. You've got to play safe. Afterall, a tour will not be enjoyable with empty stomach. I always book mine in Agoda; as it's cheaper and honest.

  5. Confirm you hotel bookings by calling the hotel and checking the status of your booking. Ask them if they can offer some cheap tours. Communicate via email. Two days before the big day; remind them of your booking; especially if you're getting the transfers with them.

  6. Enjoy your vacation! Afterall, you deserve it. Feel proud that you are that master-planner of your own trip.

  7. Do some maths on your DIY expenses. Compare it with the deals. Chances are, It's CHEAPER!

And there it is.. simple ways of doing your vacation yourself! Did I miss something? Do share with me :)

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